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Hatzic Middle School
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PAC Updates

Subject: Parent & Guardian News and Updates from the PAC
Hello Hatzic Middle Parents and Guardians,

We had a busy PAC meeting in October. We held our AGM and acclaimed the people that
stood for Executive roles.

We still have the following vacancies and are keen to fill them:
Vice Chair
2nd DPAC rep

If you are keen to help, it's not a tall order, and it's a great way to get involved with the school
community and connect with administration and teaching staff. Email us for more info.

We also vetted and awarded the Gaming Micro Grants to the school programs that requested
funding. We awarded $15,000 towards all kinds of great things happening at the school. The
PAC is very grateful to the staff that took the time to make a plan for these activities and
programs for the students.

We heard from staff that are looking for volunteers for a few things:
1) Free Play Task Force. The PAC struck this group a few years ago looking to improve
outdoor play amenities and it is reforming with a goal of funding and building an outdoor free
play area. Current aim is for a parkour-esque space, but the first meeting is going to happen in
the next few weeks. If you are keen to join this effort, please complete this form.
2) Hatzic Middle Event volunteers. The staff are planning some upcoming events (to be
announced soon) and they have asked the PAC if we can help with staffing. If you are keen to
help run a concession, or tear tickets for an hour or so one evening, then please complete this

3) Fundraising. We have a growing list of needs at the school that could use some funding.
And we understand that getting hit up once a week from your elementary school/middle
school/high school/sports team/club can be a little much... We're trying to pick the ones that
add the most value to your life. And we have a fundraising opportunity that requires no extra
spending on your part. Just a vote with your wallet.

Hatzic Middle School PAC has a Co-op membership. If you use this number to fill your gas
tank, or grocery shop at the inbound Co-op grocery store, then you are putting money into the
school, with no added cost to you. The HMS PAC Co-op number is: 126338. We have
created a "membership card" you can keep with you - see attached.

Use that and the school will get $0.06/L of fuel and 3% on most other purchases.

This was the condensed list of the ground we covered in a little over an hour at the PAC
meeting. It was great progress. If you are keen to see, hear and learn about all the things
we've got on the go, our next PAC meeting is Monday Nov 27th @ 6:30pm. Click here to add it
to your calendar.

Happy November,

Hatzic Middle School PAC​